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As the class of 2020, we have decided to publish our catalogue online. Due to the pandemic and the absence of a physical exhibition, this provides a safe way to view our work.

For most of our final year, we worked at home in our own spaces. We, like many others affected by the pandemic, communicated online with lecturers within our capacities; working on what we could with what we had at home. Towards the end of the year at "Level 1" restrictions in South Africa some of us were able to hold our exams in person and finish off some work in the studios, others continued to work at home. To hold safety precautions for each other and our viewers, we have thought it best to not have a physical graduate exhibition.

Having the catalogue online allows for our work to be shared with friends and loved ones around the country and the world at a safe distance. Despite the distance, this is a way to connect with others through our works and for them to see what we have created during a pivotal time in our lives.

We invite you to celebrate this feat of ours together and wish you health and wellness for this coming year.





We dedicate this catalogue to those negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic; to those in our immediate communities who have lost their lives; and to those who have lost someone. Our hearts go out to you.

The Catalogue Committee of 2020 would like to thank all those who have gone out of their way this year to assist the fourth-year and Postgraduate Diploma students in the midst of a difficult time.

We would like to thank the 2020 technical staff for their time and care in assisting the 2020 class: Moeneeb Dalwai, Melvin Pather, Charles van Rooyen, Madelize van der Merwe, Sitaara Stodel, Stanley Amon and Duncan Meyer.

We give thanks to our lecturers, who have helped guide us and our art practices, moulding us into the proud and vigilant individuals we have become.

To our friends and families – of origin as well as chosen – who have been a pillar of support throughout this time: we are grateful for your support and love through our journeys.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the making of the 2020 Graduate Catalogue: Matthew Bradley for his incredible design; Berni Searle and Khanya Mashabela for their heartfelt introduction essays; Lena Sulik for her meticulous proofreading; and Gemma Carosin, Ranji Mangcu and Emme Pretorius for their photography services.

Thank you to our peers. Distance may have separated us this year, but we are bound together through our shared experiences.

Thank you to the Goodman Gallery and the Coronation Fund Managers, whose financial support has made the 2020 Graduate Catalogue possible.

Special thanks must be given to those who helped with fundraising last year and this year; those involved in Early Fridays at the Waiting Room as well as Thrift Sale; and to everyone giving of their time to our 2020 Grad Show. Your patience, ideas, selfless hard work and determination are appreciated by us all.

Lastly, thank you to the 2020 Catalogue Committee for their hard work and commitment to building something to hold their peers’ memories: Brynie Staak, Gemma Carosin, YunYoung Ahn, Yulin Yuan and Ranji Mancgu. As a class, this has been a remarkable chapter of our lives.

While it is difficult to say goodbye to this period of our lives, we are ready to take on what is coming next, with the valuable lessons we have learned and the knowledge we will carry with us for years to come. We will look back at our time at Michaelis with gratitude, appreciating what we have achieved, the friendships we have fostered and the golden moments in between.

We would like further to acknowledge the generous contributions to the catalogue by the following benefactors: